The Museum Area

In 2021, thanks also to European funds obtained through the GAL Garda and Colli Mantovani, a museum area called “The Abbey of Maguzzano, a centre for the promotion of rural development in the area” was created inside the abbey. 

Fourteen “themed” sections document in chronological sequence the different stages of its history, from the Roman Age to modern times, in which the abbey, in addition to its important religious and cultural role, played an essential role in the rural development of the territory, promoting its economic well-being and wealth.


The museum area, located on the first floor of the south wing of the cloister, makes accessible and enhances the vast material and immaterial heritage that has always been “scattered” within the monastic complex. It bears witness to the countless events that have taken place in this place.


To learn more, visit the website dedicated specifically to this museum area: