At the abbey live two religious communities belonging to the Institute Don Calabria, one male and one female.

The Institute is known as “Opera Don Calabria” or also as the congregation of the “Poor Servants and Poor Servant Sisters of Divine Providence”.

Don Giovanni Calabria and his charisma

Giovanni Calabria was born in Verona of poor parents on 8th October 1873 and was consecrated a priest in 1901. He founded the congregations of the Poor Servants and the Poor Servant Sisters of Divine Providence. The beginnings date back to 26 November 1907, when Don Calabria took in seven poor and abandoned children in a modest house. In the following years the priest from Verona founded many other houses and schools, with particular attention to orphans and children in difficulty, whom he called “Good Children”. Alongside this activity, Don Calabria devoted himself during his life to many other pastoral areas: from parishes to ecumenism, from assistance to the sick to the training of priests.

He died on 4th December 1954. He was beatified by the Holy Father John Paul II in Verona on 17th April 1988 and canonised by the same Pontiff on 18th April 1999 in Rome. The liturgical feast of Saint Giovanni Calabria is celebrated on 8th October each year.

The charisma

  • To revive in the world faith in God the Father
  • To live in a “family spirit”
  • To nurture a particular attention towards the poorest
  • To cultivate a certain ecumenical sensitivity and inter-religious dialogue
  • To put into practice, through prayers and actions, the spirit of reparation (“overcome evil with good” – Rm12,21).

Opera Don Calabria:

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