Regular events

Prayer for Christian unity

Every third Saturday evening of the month at 8.00 p.m. there is a prayer meeting open to all with the aim of invoking the Holy Spirit in favour of unity among the divided Churches. Each meeting is characterised by a specific theme and some testimonies of life.


Lectio divina

This kind of meeting, which takes place every Wednesday afternoon at 5 p.m., focuses on the Word of God of the following Sunday. After a first part of commentary on the Word, there are a few moments of silence and personal reflection, followed by a final group sharing.


Family group

Meetings being planned


Alpha path

Meetings being planned


Thursdays in the monastery

Every year in July and August, on Thursdays, a day of reflection, prayer and sharing is offered in the abbey. The aim of the meeting is to offer, especially to people on holiday at Lake Garda, a break and a space for spirituality. The topics covered on these days change from year to year.


End-of-year triduum (29 December – January)

This is a residential experience open to everyone in order to reflect and deepen various themes related to the meaning and purpose of our existence within the project that God has for us. It alternates moments of catechises, prayer, silence, personal reflection and sharing. Very evocative and meaningful is the prayer Vigil on 31 December in front of the Blessed Sacrament as a form of thanksgiving for the past year and entrustment of the new one.


Easter Triduum (from the afternoon of Holy Thursday to Easter lunch)

This is also a residential experience open to all, during which Easter themes are dealt with through moments of catechises alternating with moments of silence, reflection and meditation.